F*ck Calm And Get Angry!(Sometimes)

Are you a very calm person? Why not get angry sometimes, being calm has many benefits. ‘Yes it          does. Usually like me, I deal things calmly with things and life situations. When you’re very calm you don’t usually have problems in life and people around you, and they usually admire you, on how you do things perfectly and want to mimic your attitude and what you do, sometimes I felt so flattered.

I really love and cherish the people around me, my family, friends, co-workers, and especially food, “I really love food no one can live without it”. When you’re calm you usually think the things you wanted to do and plan it over before doing the actions and being calm can always lead to things that you always expected and planned to happen. But, when I do mistakes its usually are very stupid and very hard to solve, damn. As they say “There’s no such thing cannot be solve” right. If you want to solve it make it, solve it.

Problems of becoming calm, people may think that you are an emotionless-robot. People around you occasionally abuse you’re kindness, take your feelings for granted. Because they think you can understand why, they did that to you in a good way, f*ck me right. Sometime you wonder why they love to hurt you, and do it over and over again till hell-break-looses. After how many sessions and countless times you talk to them about it; for their own good but it is useless they love to do it over and over again. You do everything to make them understand and let them feel that you are not mad about; what they did, and let them understand without resenting what you mean.  Hearing them out and listen to their stories and solve it fairly, in order to achieve World Peace, right “World Peace is the unreachable dream.” Like politics “There’s no permanent interest, just interest”.

I still do remember my experience with my past relationships. When I’m in a relationship, I do everything, give everything, my heart, my soul and even get a contract to the devil. I’m not very strict and I will give her freedom on what she wanted to do and very supportive in every way as possible, give all of my time, because love is meaningless without time. If I sum-it-all my relationship with her was like a Notela chocolate fields and I’m so in-love that time, but there will always temptations along the way, but it’s all about self-control and faithfulness. Until I found out that she was cheating on me. I never believe it before I saw them in the park, god damn I felt like my world break in front of my eyes and crashed to the ground in to a million pieces, I ask myself why did this shit happened. I was very mad angry and I want to jumped in and want to UFC the face of the ugly bastard so hard that he won’t move and will go sleep with the fishes, but I did not want to embarrassed my ex-girlfriend that time, in front of the people on the park. So I just calm down and chicken-out and went home to our apartment and waited for her to go home. It was 5’pm, she went home, and I ask her “were have you been?”, she replied; “I was with my friend house studying”. And I told her what I saw and she told me that the guy I saw is her friend, I told her I know what I saw. I told her “why did you cheat on me, I didn’t even do anything wrong, for all this years…..” then she started crying like a baby and she started apologizing. Then what did I do, surprise; I forgive her, yeah right I did. What do you expect a man who is blinded with love; I really love her, really want her and love her like I love myself. So we were ok for how nay months, she was back to her old good sexy self again and do things we normally do; having dates, enjoying ourselves and having a little fights like couples do and even we have a fight I don’t bring that topic that she cheated on me even once. Till there was a time she did it again, I saw her again with another man in the fucking park again “she really love the fucking park”.  I wanted to control myself but I can’t I told myself if I let this happen again I don’t want be a miserable person with a girl like her, so I jumped in and Tony Jaa that monkey face bastard. It was a great fight and I beat his ass but the funny thing is that I have a cool purple-blacked-eye but it’s ok I, I think it’s a new fashion trend that time purple eye glasses. Told her I want to break-up, I want to retire and be out of her life it was very sad and very depressing that time. I wasted almost 3 years of my life for her but its lesson learned “forgive but never forget” they said. Little piece story of my life.

Being angry sometimes is needed and letting them know how you feel; being angry is refreshing and fun I think, just like the song “I want to break free”.

There are lot of things you can benefit from being angry; being free, wild, and sometimes you can gain respect from abusers. Till now I always give myself a chance to bend my rule in life that “A true gentleman, always solves and control situations calmly”. Letting your chains of control cut loose sometimes is needed in order to show them and make them feel, everything is not ok, everything cannot be forgotten by sorry, everything cannot be solved calmly.

“Trust is like an eraser, the more you use it the more it will get smaller”

Do you still remember; when your parents tried to scold you because of your stubbornness and stupidity. They talk to you very calm and explain it to you why you shouldn’t do it again. When you can’t understand in words they will hit you hard, very hard that your body will remember the pain till you don’t want to do it again. As they say “actions speaks louder than words”.

My parents are very strict; they think it’s useless to explain it to me, and then ready you’re asses. They will hit me with what is near them like shoes, sticks, slippers, brooms, and more… I was very lucky and realized now that actions is necessary and I’m very thankful they did what they did is best for me. It’s very funny when I think about it.

Sometimes being angry will lead to good and sometimes not it depends on the situations and how you look at it. I think being angry and letting yourself break-out in order to show them how you really feel. Fuck calm and get angry (sometimes), before you will regret that you haven’t show how you feel on that matter and not letting them know that you are not-emotionless-robot. You have an anger meter that will burst and will go berserk and become a monster that they haven’t seen imagine you are, if you’re angry.

“Breaking free and be angry, believe me it’s very refreshing especially when you hit someone with all the hate and stuff you feel, till your hands cannot be used for punching and all you can do is slap attack; slap, slap, slap and shout fuck your face is so damn ugly it is like hitting a brick or wall then slap”.

Chow- have a nice day.

  1. Tim said:

    Hahaha. cool Post, realy love the part were you said “ready your asses” still remember the good old days. Haha

    • Random'd said:

      Nice thanks for reading it. Please continue reading more on Justrandoomed.wordpress.com I will update 2 blogs a week or more.. just random stuff that will blink in my head. thanks and take care i do really appreciate it..

      Take care- chow

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