What you should and how to stop your bullies

Are you the victim or the suspect? subject of the verb. The chosen one(or the one who gets bullied), Bullies is one of the common and normal social problems  from school to work-place. Bullies are the villains and the Bullied are the citizens of Towns Vill. Or The City of Gotham. They are everywhere from grade school, college to workplaces. they are presents since the beginning of time from Jurassic Park to The Tree Stooges. Like the rule and we have no choice but to accept it “The survival of the Fittest ” this doesn’t mean, being fit physically or mentally this means how you deal your life, I’m just being so obvious.

Like wolves they choose the finest and the weakest victim of the pack. They love persons who don’t fight back and have no guts, even to try. The problem is that the bullied ones are scared and don’t even want to tell their parents nor their teacher that they are getting bullied most of the time. Base on my experience, I was a victim of bullies to till I was on grade 4, on grade school. I have made a firm decision that I don’t want to get bullied anymore, I want to fight back, I don’t want to be the chosen one anymore, Even if they are many against me. I don’t mind and If I don’t fight back  its still the same story, I will go home physically and emotionally wounded. So I made a gamble that I will fight back Alas it will make me feel better and have more confidence in myself, Even if I know I will not win any Fight and the chances are 1% to win or maybe lower, alas I tried, right. Every-time I go home, My Grandma will ask me why do you have many bruises, I only replied to her that it is because of the games that I played at the school like, climbing trees, falling down from swings and more lies, because I know I will only give stress and problem to my Grandma I don’t want that. So you might be wondering why I didn’t told my parents about it, Luckily I don’t have one, I don’t have a Dad that will teach me how to be a Man, I don’t have a Mom to teach me life lessons and to talk to.  It’s a long story.  The person’s who raised me were all Girl-band my aunt, my grandma, and Unluckily I didn’t transform to a butterfly. this is irrelevant to our topic. so let’s continue. What you should and how to stop your bullies:

  • Talk to your elders, and seek advice, ask and ask how to handle them. Till you are ready.
  • Make a firm decision that you don’t want to get bullied anymore, fight back. don’t let yourself get used to it, getting used to it is the greatest mistake of your life. You will become the chosen one and being the “IT” will be passive.
  • Learn Martial Arts, Practice Boxing. I know and You know that you cannot beat them all and even beat one of them if you beat one that a good thing. Fight back, It feels good, you will Level-up from the weak category. I know it will be very hard and you will earn the same pain, but alas you have tried and you are stepping out from the realm of the weak.  After many attempts of fighting back there is a chance that you will gain their respect slowly and slowly they will look at you differently. I promised you that it will take time and pain but it’s worth the effort.

“Respect cannot be bought, it needs to be earned. ”

Most of my closes friends now are my bullies before.

  • Change your Aura, Style, Attitude, don’t look like a wimp, be active, participate in class and join sports. Get your ass up don’t waste all of your time sitting down and playing video games. ” I love playing video games and I play 2 hours a day or more”. Go outside, don’t anti-social. Find confidence, find strength. Don’t look stupid, look smart.

” Stupidity is a privilege, but most of us abuse it.”

  • (Note* This don’t usually work) Tell your teacher or your parents, ask for help. Tell them your situation, but this won’t help and this usually don’t work. Dealing with your bullies is your job. You only give them more reasons to bully you more.

Don’t be anti-social rat, make friends, Real Friends and you will get surprised that there something in you that will interest them. Most bullies are very nice, If you only know them better. Things might turn around  as you never expected. Earn respect, be a man.

Fight back and don’t hesitate, if you hesitate don’t. when you fall down get up, crawl if needed. bullies find it useless and pointless to bully someone who fights back, it’s no fun at all. Don’t be afraid the little voice in your head to play safe. The point is that don’t be a wimp, it is all in the head.

Give It A Try. Level-UP!!!

Leave your comments, How do you handle your Villains:


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