Due to things

I will post and continue this blog later if, Everything will go as I planned.

Thank you for anyone who read my blog.

I’m still a newbie, and I’m still practicing my eng* grammar and still. 

I will write stuff that, I hope will captivate your reading and interest you in a different way.


chow – take care.

  1. D said:

    Is your Twitter account legit? I mean… you’re not a spammer, right?

    • Random'd said:

      Haha. nope I’m not a spammer. Whats ur twiter il folow u to. or ad me up in fb. chow-take care.

      • D said:

        Where are you from, btw? Maybe I know you or you know me lol

  2. D said:

    Lol, you actually followed me on Twitter recently and it’s just so odd how you follow at least 90% of the people that I follow. So I thought it was weird…..and that you’re a spammer. Haha!

  3. Random'd said:

    Haha i’m not a spamer. whats ur name on twiter. Haha. I’m just new in twiter and i folow anyone, coz it would be kinda sad f i dnt folow anyone. hehe take care dude

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