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This is just a thought; I’m not advocating suicide or any violence. Did you ever think; what life is over death or death over life as it follows. We were given life to die or it best fit “We live to die”, it only depends on your point of view, how we will live our lives. There are many questions as we go old and go on to the unknown path of our lives. This is a little bit irrelevant in the topic but ill add it:

                “Faith, Fate, Destiny, Destination, Other-Side, Heaven, Hell, Nirvana, Purgatory,
                 Gods, God, Demons, Creatures-of-Darkness, Sins, Happiness, Joy, Love, Sadness,
                 Despair, Pain, Suffering, Trails, Death, Etc…. Stuff…..”

As I created the title “Suicide is for the Brave”. The cowards on your point of view, the ONE are who chose Death-over-Life. It should always be “Life goes on.”


-A Little short story-


This story was the reason why I created this is JustRandoomed Article or Topic.  I have heard lots and lots of suicide stories in my life, uncounted stories because I don’t want to count them. I have a relative who have committed suicide too, maybe one of you have relatives who is a Brave one too. Anywhere and everywhere you go there is always a suicide story there it is impossible that there is not even one, it is sad and crazy, from hanging, drinking rat-poisons, bullet-to-the-ass, slicing, the super-man, the jumper, too many to mention.

But one story has impressed me and it was the most epic and hardcore for m; the story goes like this.

Once upon a time there was a very kind and loving teacher, go to school, do what he usually love to do and he love teaching and teaching is his Passion and life. The Teacher has a beautiful wife and loving kids. Until one day his patience went bad and he hit (stick) his precious student to teach him a lesson and for his own good. The precious student was so polite and good; he told his parents and the student parents was so happy that they decide to filled a case and luckily he lost; lost his job and become so depressed and he decide to end it, He killed himself by climbing a Coconut tree Slitting his throat with the most famous murder machine kitchen knife the yellow one in the middle of the night then BAAM he fall down and surprise DEAD. Everyone was very sad and words cannot describe/express it specially the family he left behind. He decided to make a period in his BOOK-OF-LIFE, Push the fast forward button to the Credits.  Episode ended no more sponsors (Life).


-Bravery What


Commonly we generalized suiciders as cowards and gutless to keep moving on, for me not. Suicide is for the brave, because they are not afraid to go to the Other-side, unknown, to neither heaven nor hell.If it is true that there is the so called Other-side, nirvana, heaven, hell, purgatory, the rainbow, reincarnation… I still remember when we were kids the other side was planted in our tiny little minds, and if you do this and that you go to this and that. And we believe it till now, maybe there is, maybe not. It becomes passive to us to believe that there is “nirvana, heaven, hell, reincarnation, etc…”


-The Time And Reset (Selfish)

When it comes to suicide most of us are afraid very afraid and I’m the best Example of it. We are afraid on what’s waiting on the other side, if not (or nothings there) why waste time here, I will commit suicide, this world if full of pain and suffering and pointless. You will just get stress from Media, News, and specially your health. Health (what if you have Un-curable Shit) why wait and suffer till your time ends and wait for your lover the Grim Ripper to take you to honey-moon on the other side, why wait. There are mistakes that you held precious and not still over it, Things you dwell and live in the past, honestly sometimes you/I wanted to have a time machine just even once to reset your life, selfishly it is true. Sometimes you/I wanted to have a RED-DO-NOT-PUSH-BUTTON to push it and selfishly end this world just to reset it. Sometimes you think that suicide is the answer but you know in each and every fiber of your being that it is wrong.


-The Randoomed IF

It scares you to death that hurts like hell, and the “What IF’s”; what if you go to hell swimming in the sea of fire for eternity and that sucks, what if you go to purgatory a place where darkness is king; a place full of sorrow, were demons and scary things lived that would suck to. What if Reincarnation is true if you are bad you become insects and become the lowest of the low creatures that will live in this world, you will become the EW’s and the grows; the spider, cockroaches… and you will become the exotic food that will be serve in the streets in THAILAND, god that’s so yummy,( reincarnation over and over; insect forever).  Do you know what will suck the most; no TV, manga, internet, comic, boys, girls, friends, erotic things, food, porn and little things that will make us smile for a while.

What if there’s nothing out there, it’s just, “Just” fun ended. I don’t know; endless what if’s in this world. I’m not a religious man but I’m afraid of death, scared even thinking about it, it hurts, it’s painful, bloody. I have nightmares when I watch Japanese Horror Movies (Sadako), very scary. I don’t want to have a slow and painful death. I don’t want to hung myself nor drink pill, I don’t want to do awful things to myself what if  after doing that I will live on, go coma. My parents and relatives will just waste money to wait and wait till I wake up and what if I wake up I’m a VEGE(Useless and Helpless) I will look terrible, the you are not the you, you supposed to be. It is scary very  scary, even if sometimes I’m so stress and so depressed that there are things you wanted to do and you cannot do any out of it. You have no choice but to accept and face it and keep moving, keep living “No choice, Life goes on”.


I salute who hung themselves, shot themselves, stab themselves, fuck themselves and themselves stuff’s. I laugh of loud and feel happy to people who committed suicide and failed; some who committed suicide became VEGE, some of them become pro-life and become more in-love with life and some become more violent, wild and stupidly abusive.


-Resurrection, Zombie apocalypse, fly, fly, the news


Every-one of us know and heard know about resurrection right. When you trace human history there are lots and lots of story of resurrection and movies to before I forget “Zombie/ The resident Evil” Cool one. Commonly they say that there is a tunnel and light, stuff like that you know how the story goes. Some proclaim that they have risen from the dead to show you the way, to share the BIG NEWS and GOD was with them all the time and they have won a Free Epic Tour Ticket from Heaven to Hell, hell right and we will all go there. They saw people in hell suffering and crying from raging heat of the fart of Satan and boiling sweat of Lucifer for eternity things like that in movies right. If you haven’t heard of it search on Google or Watch it on Youtube.

It is indeed scary but I have a bit doubt on it, let it be, what if be. I believe I will go nowhere near to hell, I’m not bad or mad. I’m just logical and I know there is a God somewhere down the road, I just know, maybe not.



Life is to short and there is no such thing as reset tool in life, there is no rewinds and also we don’t have a choice but to eat what life offers us “life goes on” and “Life is a bitch so stop bitching about it.” Before we commit suicide, do not do it, there are still more good things in life, look at it count it there are too many, look at it in the positive way, Love life. Think about the people and love ones you will leave, do you think they will be happy and celebrate, they will not, you will just give them sadness for a time and you will just a dust from their memories, people tend to forget and they will forget. Commit suicide; do not. Things may turn around as you wanted to be “just wait”. High-five to us; let’s keep moving and digging till the bell rings and its “Game over” no regrets. I salute all brave men and women who have the guts to end it, without looking back. Some call them cowards, but I don’t call them that, there so brave, so damn brave. So brave that No Fuck Was Given.

For the Four L’s: “Live life, Love Life”

If you can’t dot it fake it; you’ll get used to it.

Chow – Take care.

Leave your comments’ and opinion, if any suggestions Email – me or add me up on Facebook, Follow me in twitter and I will Follow you XD—

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