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In our culture we believe in many superstitious things from animals to insects and things that come and go. We believe that moth’s and butterfly are messenger and gives signs from bad to good or something like that. We believe that these creatures will give omens or someone you used to know have visited you from the other side. I don’t really know what superstitious belief you have and I don’t know much about the unexplained belief in this world but I just know what I know.

This belief was passed down to me from my grand, grand, grand-parents, the monkeys (evolution of man – C. Darwin) like; from spirits, elementals, monsters and more… I think that would be a good thing in a way, being aware in a way, even if it is just a myth or maybe it’s a fact. I just believe in a way, I have encountered these things three times in my life, elementals which are pretty scary, or it’s just a morbid imagination created by my Little-Brain. When I look at them they were pretty scary and in the same time exciting which make me feel and think that’s there something more in our world which we don’t know and we can’t understand or just product of our imagination, maybe.

The Big Ass Moth

In our culture when it comes to the MOTH, we see it as a medium or a vessel for the spirit of our love once, as what I know. They become a hitcher in the moth in order to come visit us and have a physical body because spirits can’t be seen. We believe they want us to know that they are still there (somewhere) watching us and they want us to remember them in a way because they don’t want to be forgotten, and being forgotten is one of the saddest thing would happen, do you want to be forgotten? I think not.  But be forgotten to the once you owe money from, debts from banks and cash from loan sharks that would be the best scenario eh…

When time comes, we die and it’s a cycle of life, no escape. When we die, we will be forgotten in a time, be remembered for a time; grief don’t last long, even how bad we cry and wish they come back to life it is impossible and even if we make a pack to the devil, it would still be useless. Maybe it’s their fate and we don’t have a choice.

Maybe it is just a Myth and we tend to believe it, in a way or another because we miss them and we want them to be still here, and because there are still things left undone to be done; things that have to be said and done, we regret it to the bones. Maybe in our culture moth is the perfect symbol for the vessel of the spirit because even if you’re in the middle of the city or in the middle of no-where they rarely come inside our homes or workplaces by chance. This belief is a good thing for me, it helps me realized, and when I forgot the lessons and sacrifices they have done in order to hone me to be this ASS I am. Every time I see it, I will remember the closes once that are now in the other side.

The Black Bastard Butterfly

This bastard butterfly symbolizes death and tragedy an Omen. When this messenger come and appear to our place it means something terrible is going to happen to someone you know is going to die or maybe something tragic from accidents to death. Maybe it’s just coincidence that this Death-Messenger show and tragic things happen, hope it is just a coincidence, because it would be terrible knowing that something bad soon to happen.

Superstition maybe, fact maybe, cultural tradition from spirits, paranormal, the unknown, maybe and maybe it is true. There are things in life we can’t understand and we find ways to answer it by theorist and theorist are Bias and it is 50.50 =50%fact – 50%myth.

When we miss someone we want a replacement in order to ease the pain and the longing. Just like the Moth we want to believe that they are the person we used to know and they visited us, thinking that they miss them and they want us to know that they are still there looking after us, maybe. The Black Bastardo Butterfree/ the Bad-ass messenger of death, maybe it’s a sign that want us to be ready in the events that might occur, things come and go, love every single person around you, love the once you hate (Fake it, sooner or later you will learn to like them), before we realized and regret that it is to late, nothing can be said and done, nothing.  Remember the persons you knew that is part of your life, your enemy, love ones, nemesis, friends that were now in the other side, just remember and look at what they have done and look at it in another way, this people have built you and molded you in what you are now, but you are still the only one who control the forging of your personality and characteristics, because you are the author of your life not them, You. Friends and Foe come and go…

-Chow Take Care-

What Your Creepy Super-Natural Belief There? Feel Free to comment.


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