Reason’s why I want to stop smoking and why I can’t! -JustRandoomed

 Smoking is a f*cking stupid vise and you can’t benefit from it and if you’re a smoker then the only sweet pleasure we can experience is the bit relaxation we can have when the nicotime and 100+ dangerouse chemicals that will circulate from our lips to the lungs and to the whole system of our buddy then comming out from our nosestrills its bit sweet slow suicide cycle we are doing daily, I’m not really a cronic smoker, maybe not but I’m not really an addict ‘coz addicts are denials haha, funny Indeed it is true that, addicts are super denials, I smoke half a pact a day maybe, when I can’t smoke I feel the urge of itchyness in my hands in my nose and the want to get a cigarette and If i don’t have money I will ask a friend who smoke to and beg for a stick and another stick and the cycle goes like that. It’s quite unhealthy lifestyle yet it is true for smokers, Like the qoute I have read few days ago, something goes like this, I don’t know who created it but is true and intreguing; “Find something you love and Let it kill you”, Smoking is bad for youre health, and smokers is well aware of it, very well aware of it; from the side-effects we can get from cancer, cold, etc and the worst of all the lowrounds of sex; not enough air can’t breathed I need smoke and shit 1 round is enought and luckily can still further for round 2 or more if the body is on the mood (F*ck Yeah). hahah Crazzzzyyy….  I would go to the reasons why I want to stop smoking…

Smoking is God Damn expensive, you will get poorer and poorer, cigarettes is no cheep vise and yet I still do smoke, Looks like I have enough money But the truth is I don’t have enough, The pay is low but I smoke branded once, Why would I smoke cheap once to die cheaply sheet! If i will die I will die expensive but it is a useless moto to, ‘coz even what kind of brand you use it is still the same shiet and same death you go through slow, sweet and bitter. I was thinking lately if I have saved my money when I have started smoking I can buy a cool motorbike or maybe a cool comfy house for myself, ‘coz I started smoking at a very early aged, I can say I was 3rd year High School Aged 14 or 15 I think I can’t quite remember my age back then, But I can clearly remember I started smoking, when I was 8 me and my cousin were stealing 2 packs of cigarettes once a month or more in my grandma’s little-store(Sari-sari store) and we smoke it in the river so no one can see us, we feel a bit high that then and in that age our point of view it was cool and awesome, and the victim would be my grandpa and he will be nagged by our grandma because she thought he was the one who is stealing the the packs of cigarettes that time and In that time we are still kids and we didn’t even care and now when I look back from the past I feel guilt and pity my loving grandpa let him rest in peace, because its our fault that he get bitten up and get nagged by her because that was the little business she have in order to cope-up with our daily necesities, and shit I’m a very bad kid that time till now I guest, Kids are inocent and they can frame people without knowing it, because they were cute and adorable and cuddly but deep inside they were little freaky devils haha , just kidding.

Smoking Gives gives you the itch! I don’t mean the skin fungi or any kind of decease but the itch of smoking, the badtrip of the day, the walking around and finding ways to get even a stick of cigarette, sometimes the itch will hit me, but often it won’t but I notice when I got stress or got to many things to think about I can feel the itch, the urge to have a bit of smoke, and maybe I become a dependant on smoking for my stress, drepression theraphy. I know it is bad but I’m trying to do my best to quit, It’s costly and I can’t benefit none from it.

Smoking helps releave stress( I think!) like what I have said in the itch topic, It helps me alot to think clearly what is what, to relaxed when depression strikes, maybe It is true or not or just another human-psycology thingy again, I cannot really explain it but, it looks like this when you smoke you feel a bit tipsy and bit stoned then you cannot think clearly then you can forget about your problem or the ‘coz or your stress, or something like this maybe smoke will help your heart to slow down a bit by killing yourself from the 100+ maybe chemicals ahaha..

Smoking Helps you focus! when I was working on freelance, my work station is at home, I can do anything smoke, drink beer while I was working, doing things you cannot do when you were in the office is a total freedom, you can abuse it, that time I can finish a pack + of cigarette a day while working and I can finish lots of work in a day, 1day is equivalent to 2 days of work then, when I smoke I can focus to much and it helps me think, I have no idea why ‘coz I’m no science geek but I think it works. I work freelancing for almost 2years and It is cool and fun but I have realized when I continue working in homebased-work-station I would be extinct in the face of the earth in a short period of time, and I quit because I know, I’m a man without self-control.

The Big BUT! I want to stop Smoking! there are lots of reason but I can some-it to one, Its FUCKING-Anoying when you get a COLD-And-Cough, you cannot sleep right and when you cought you sound like a dog, with the BOOOOM!. I will quit this stupid vise, but lets be realistic; I have quited smoking too manytimes, uncounted times and yet still here I am quited for a week then go back to my old self again, quited to a month then go back. maybe I don’t really have the the will to quit it,. Maybe someday I will have the streght to quit and have a more stronger will to stop, maybe someday, will be tomorow. But now I can say I have quited a little bit from-packs-to-half-to-half-to-5-to-5-to-5sticks, its an improvement I can say… Take care and Hope, Some smokers will stop to, because we will die young and we can’t get no honor from dieng from lung cancer. ew…

-chow take care, Like and Share

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