Life is Fair in an Unfair way – Randoomed

The reason that I created this Randoomed topic because my salary was super delayed for almost a month now and I wanted my salary badly ‘coz I got many debts to the people around me, “debts” for the daily necessities via food and fare for transportation. Maybe I’m just rationally silly, freakazowa… Anyway,

There are many times we ask God or What-eve’s you call it the Universe or You-Know-Who, why is it so unfair, why other people have this and that, why do they get good stuff  than you do, why this silly-yet-sick circumstances do happen to you and why are you so unfortunately lucky to be the One, The One who will always be the first to be pick or be appointed to have the worst silly role- chosen by destiny, why won’t the universe or god let you win the lotto even once in order to change the destiny that you have and move your fate as you wanted to be, why does good people have to experience awful things, like being so lucky to step in a dog-shit scenarios like that. Why can’t I let my crush like me, Why do I have the worst Job ever, Why can’t I save money, to many why’s, why and why’z.!!

When you are reading this at this moment, life is very fair in unfair way and yet you are luckily enough to be alive and kicking at this moment, and luckily enough to have your own PC nor renting in-an-internet-cafe, your own internet connection and luckily you are still living with your own parents and living beyond comfort-zone, you don’t have to worry about your food and clothes to wear every-day and still your parents still doing your laundry “Ain’t you lucky enough”, you can play and entertain yourself via playing your favorite game-console and can afford to buy Items using the credit card of your parents, and still we nagged why don’t we have enough, the truth is we are very lucky and very fortunate that we still have the things that others don’t have, look at yourself in the mirror and think about the things that you wanted, the truth is we have the things that we wanted and we are just randoomedly wanting more things than what we have, like you wanted a more bigger television and still you have a working TV and still work the same from the bigger one and you think that the bigger one would satisfy  your wanting and cycle goes, you wanted to have a bulky body or a slimmer sexy body but you only do is watch TV and eat, to lazy to do work-out daily nor every-other-day, or you do work-out daily but you have lack of discipline in your eating habit, you are doing well in your work-out routine  yet you eat x2-x3 what you usually eat and nagged why am I getting no results.  Some of us are very discipline and very aggressive in our first 2 weeks or more, on our work-out routine and damn after the excessive training you lose the urge and just stop, the want and the urge is long gone and you don’t want any of it, you just wanted to be back to your old-self; maybe you don’t have the will nor the right strength to carry on what you wanted to gain and the truth is we are just a lazy enough; True, we wanted results directly, we hate sacrifices and efforts, we wanted results without handwork, we wanted success before failure as what HOMER SIMPSON quoted: Trying is the first step to failure, Ironically it is true.

We wanted to have a better life without doing the things that can make it better and we just keep asking to have a better one and asking what to do, and the truth is we have the answers and Ironically we just don’t wanted to do the hard work in order to grasp what we wish for. We wanted more and yet we do less.

Look at ourselves we are very lucky to have our jobs, there are many people who are unemployed, you’re lucky, you are still going to college with the help of your parents, some they need to do extra jobs in order to finish it and some wanted to go to college but can’t afford, think about it, we wanted to have a bigger TV, a better entertainment things, without looking some people can’t even afford to have one and some don’t have an electric-connection to begin with, we wanted to have a new and richer parents, why in order to get want we wanted, we wanted to have a complete family and ain’t broken without looking at someone out-there don’t have a family to start with; there parents were dead, nor slaughtered, sad but true, life is Fair in an Unfair way, we wanted more with doing less, we are still lucky, think about this what if your life would go back one-step in your society status or go back 2 steps more, still you are lucky, there are many things that we take for granted and asking for more things but we have enough nor more than enough, that all I have to say.

-Chow Take Care, Bless you guys,

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  1. life always need to unfair interest in fair,.

    • True… it is unfair in a fair way…. in our point of view it is not fair but when you balanced it… it is a fair fair share…

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