Jokes are Half-truth -Randoomed

Hmmm… Jokes are half-truth, in my view. How about yours?. As I always said, I can’t read minds nor can understand truly, what is human-psychology nor what is human-psychopath, maybe I’m or we’re just sarcastic being, we make jokes and pretend we don’t mean it but the truth is we really do mean what we say, maybe. I love to the word Maybe, Call me crazy,.

Think about it, what comes first from our mouth is what we really mean and think, depends on what situation often we do speak in our emotions and what we think best to speak and what is the right words but when it comes to jokes there are no right words we just say what we think is funny(sadly it often comically Korny) and we don’t even think what would the other person feel in that certain situation, even you deny it, the harsher the words are, the stupider you describe the subject, the dumber he gets in front of the other people the more funnier it gets to the listener but the irony is that the subject/topic of the joke is really happy and glad that he/she wants you to hang-yourself-to-death or to be burned alive, how did I know it, I know it because I was doing the same-shit and cycle making a person funny in-front of many sarcastically and sometimes  I become the topic to, maybe that’s the cycle of friends making fun of you when you are down and In return you do it to them and you feel sometimes a bit mad, Ironically-silly it is, if it is a very close friend of yours say crazy things in front of your friends you can only do is laugh your ass-on and reply more-shitty jokes to them the cycle goes like that till some-one get mad and gets ready to rumble, but shitty jokes can help you up, when you’re feeling down, sometimes it can make your day.

Uglier, the painful, the crazier, the dumber, the Kornier; the funnier it gets it is indeed true, confessions are funny too, If I would be a priest everyday would be a laugh day, the crazier the confession the more funnier it sounds for me, Am I crazy?’ No. Some people are more worst, they love and tend to repeat what sounds funny to him but not even close to be funny to others- ‘coz maybe we can’t understand what he went through to get the stupid joke or maybe his just shallow; when we can put our foot in soneone’s shoes we can feel and tell jokes without hitting someone’s ego, we can be the greatest comedians, I’m speaking randoomedly again, I just remember a saying “You can’t laugh at the same jokes again and again, but why do you keep crying over the same shit over and over again? ” sarcastically-silly it is true, I get mad, nagged, cry on same-shit over and over again, I don’t know why maybe we are just made to feel same-shit over and over again and we are not made to endure the painful and crappy scenarios in our lives, all we can do is sit and feel depressed and enjoy the agony of life; the cycle of life” Dear agony ..l.. “, all we can do is  smile back at the giants waves that will-hit-us daily maybe cry and roll ahaha, Funny; as I always say we have no choice but to do keep-moving-on, drown-and-swim-drown-and-swim and repeat the cycle ahaha destiny vs free-will. that’s all I can say, for I conclude; None… its up to us….

That’s all I can say randoomedly

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-Chow Take care…

Feel free to comments & Troll it maybe, Rage it maybe or Call me Crazzyyy!!

  1. Shara-Bots said:

    Nice one… Keep posting, You are indeed weird in a way that interest my taste..

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