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Happiness? hmmm… Don’t ask me what it is, ‘coz we have our own confusing rationally silly understanding yet I’m still unsure what is happiness for me or maybe I’m still confused on what am’I truelly looking for. I’m still thinking about it till now what is happiness, since I know the true meaning of growing up but it is hard to do hate it anyway, the struggles and fun we have to go through in order to survive the harsh yet full-filling-feelings that we obtain each and everyday of living inside the rolling ranDoomed planet so called earth.

Some-people can feel the joy of happiness trough there family, some-pips can feel it through friends, some-pips enjoy the feeling of solitude but mostly and commonly all of us experience happiness and extreme Joy through simple yet real-appreciation of the things that we did and  achieved shown by people around us. For instance simple things like, when you help an old lady cross to the other side of the street the simple word “Thank you” can change your mood and you can feel your awesomeness all day long, the cute little smile of children when you look at them so simple but very priceless, the simple laugh and simple expressions when they were exited nor happy- the childrens expressions are priceless because you are well sure that it is real and unfake, ‘coz when we grow-up we used to fake our feelings and we are getting well of this fakery- and some are master artist of the fakery-stuff.

I don’t have much to say but all I can say that Happiness is the feeling of satisfaction on the little nor big things you have done on you’re life today, if you are not yet satisfied then you can be enjoy the company of misery, maybe happiness is on the satisfaction-side on all of the things that you have, not wanting much, yet feeling fulfiled on the little, simple, nor luxurious stuff you have, but the bottomline is Happiness is the willingness of a person to feel-the-joy-and-satisfaction-of-things, you can be happy if you wanted to just don’t make things complicated make it as simple as it is, there are no short-cuts, laught-it-out nor shout-it-out, Goddang-it… thats all take care.

Chow-Take Care and Bless You,

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