Life is learning they said HA? OK Next Time

Aha, A little short thought again for what I learned again today, I say; it is a cycle. The truth is I have learned it before but I never implement nor planted it in my little coconuts. The feeling of familiarity, the dejavu when I’m in the same situation is like Shit, why I did that thing again, “Man! when you ever learned, Why did you do that! You’re so stupid ei!”. The feeling of anger, rage for you’re stupidity yet you keep doing the same cycle over and over again. I think all of us are the same; maybe not. I’m just generalizing things. “hmm?”

Most of us maybe, when we makee mistakes we always said I have learn something from it to make it more meaningful and to make things looks possitive maybe, make things not a waste in certain circumstances that we hate to admit that it is a total waste of time or maybe a total waste of investment hmm (Total waste of investments in our feelings, maybe money, hopes, dreams and sometimes the all preciouse called Love or the whatever). We sometimes say to ourself that we have learn something useful and the experiece was worth it in order to make ourself feel more positive; “Wiser next time” and in order to fulfill the most important part of ourselves the ego, the my-precious denial-character that we have, even if we’re badly hurt we always say “it is ok there is a next time, I will be wiser next-time, Next time indeed” we learn from it and this  experience will make me strong and wiser NEXT-TIME ha!, when we face the same problem nor situation, sarcastically we tend to regret it that we have known the outcome but yet we are not prepare; This is sparta(I have just watch the 300 the other week and it poops in my mid, a cool and brute movie indeed!!! forget what we learned and we enjoy doing the same mistakes over and over again(maybe we’re unaware that the things that make us miserable are the things that makes us happy-happy? or selfish-shelfishy(The little pleasure yet dangerous!) for the first short run it was yummy yum then kaboom).

The most common stupidity that I have done most of my life, maybe your’s too?, is equivalent to the saying “Too much is BAD”, I totally agree in that quoute but shit, the word to much is the only gateway to the pleasure and fun, the little happiness dang!. Maybe We need The word Too-much-BLANK____ in order to escape the Word To-much-stress, Misery is life’s company, shit is a giant ass company. Maybe, it is an excuse that we have To-much-inside of our minds that we tend to pretend, to forget what we have learned in the past experiences that we have face, maybe we are just to irresponsible to the things or people around us to do the same mistakes over and over again, even-if we know that this will lead them to hate and in pain indeed or worst they will reject us tend-to-pretend to forget us and let go, we are irresponsible and selfishly bad and we are unaware of it. To the point everything is to late, but nothing is to late.

We are still fixing the things that are shattered and regretting things that we have done. Na Maybe I have learned something form it nor not, what is important now is that we are still alive and we can slowly fixed the things that we have broke, even the chance  of fixing it are in 2 out of 10, atleast we have tried and yet if we have failed who cares, you did it your way. We are still alive, we can still do things that the dead cannot and we are lucky that we are happy in the little things that we have and aquired through life, the people around us and the people that we have lost and the people that we have let go because of us nor them.

Thats all I can say. We have learned but unsure, when the same cercumstances strikes we feel asnew, a new comer, a novice and we always said to ourselves I should have been more ready ‘coz I have already knew the outcome and I have been in this same situation, maybe we just do what we knew are best randoomedly silly. Cycle goes Blank_______ that all.

Take Care and Bless Us, Kaching!!

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  1. Josh said:

    Funny & True, Keep it up.

    • thanks ‘Josh, Take care and Bless u

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