Today is a gift — Happy birthday to me — Are You happy?

Hmm…. I’m feeling a bit energized, rejuvenated, feeling young again -Reborn, a-new chance of living, a  new 1-year-chapter-of-life, Thankful that my contract of life is renewed for a year or so and hopefully this year, I will not be force terminated by this contract(You’ may be thinking that I’m being a bit negative- ‘No I’m not, I’m just saying the fact that; “tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift that’s why it’s called present”, Happily thankful that I’am be able to wake up this morning to be able to see my dear enemies and friends and my Fans(As if I’am famous as If), Today is a gift that I’am thankful that maybe I can have the chance to meet new friends and be a dear enemy to someone, It feels great to be alive; even if we have lots of thinking on the “WHY’S?” and lots of thinking what is the meaning of life— life is a bitch so we need to stop bitching about it sarcastically I’m always bitching about it – Am’ I a hypocrite-‘Yes I’am. It  is great to be alive and thankful that even if I have no cash to celebrate my day today – it is Ok because it is my Day today haha and I’m smilling deep-inside and feeling overwhelmed today when writing this one, it feels right like a motivated fucktard – hopefully that someone out there  would read this  can be a bit happy and maybe thankful that he or she is still alive in this randoomed-freaky-moment. So what the plan for today Its May-9 hmmm,

Were am’ I today -Am I? in the resort, restu, hotel, bar-getting wasted- that would be I wish, Getting wasted would be maybe tonight- I will just go get a loan from a friend, I am in my work-station and still writing this one, No one in this office know that it is my Big-day haha, It’s a bit weird but it is a bit kind-a satisfying that my coworkers don’t know why I’am a bit smiling like a devil and energized like a kid eating to-much sweet. Hmmm there is an advantage and disadvantage when everyone knows its your birthday and when it becomes a bit a secret of yours, in my own perspective hmm let me break it down -yoh!…

When it becomes a public’ it will be a bit awkward feeling for me when you pass-by and everyone will say happy birthday- but sometimes it’s a bit satisfying when someone will greet you happy birthday and the awesome feeling when you don’t tell anyone that it is your birthday but suddenly someone will say happy-birthday the feeling of surprise, the feeling of “come-on, thank you! you did remember”, Maybe I’m just playful on things that, I want to keep as a secret on things that I think that looks a bit private for me, -I don’t kiss and tell -but I taste and Tell.

Sad thing about remembering birthdays this days and in the old-days- vise-versa; the best is remembering things like old days- I still do remember when I was in grade school; I’m so childish, carefree but I love birthdays, When I have a friends celebrating their birthday I would put it in my tiny notebook a journals of birthdays haha, and when it’s their birthday I would be the first one to greet them- it’s a bit overwhelming when they say thank you, you did remember, sometimes phone-call them through telephones, cellphones is like gold to me that time un-affordable – coz I’m still a kid(we are poor) – looks like a girl thing no its not, greeting cards is cool and phone-calls to is great, birthday-greetings is like a gift to the celebrants specially when they give you gifts and cash-man – cash-man!, just kidding greeting would be enough; That was the old-kid me, today I don’t, do things like when I was a youngster- remembering things, writing down things, being sweet with things, today I’m a bit brute and foul-mouthed in a way, but I have my principles and values that I keep as an Habit that is the “me” that I know that I need not to forget and I am very thankful about that; maybe today, This day I promise to myself that I would do things differently for a year ahahaha- promises are mend to be broken? they said and it is true, no I mean I would write again things that need to be remembered like girls do- it is cool even your a man-man that you remember important things more than girls do…

Nowadays its a bit sad, no one will remember your birthday if you won’t put the right date of birth-in your Facebook-account or any social media accounts(No one will know your birthdate if you won’t tell them); it is indeed true, try it, no one will except your family… things are changing things in different manners and the change is instant and sometimes change is good but don’t overdo it- still keep something that you know, that you are this and that, that would make you feel you are you and not just another follower on what you see and hear that they said you must be- keep the values and the principles’ that you know that makes you, who you are, the world changes to fast that we are just shocked that we think that we need this and that – and the truth is that is bullshit- we need it to be in – we need to be not out of place – we need this to be loved – who will loved you more if you don’t love yourself come on. Just be true to yourself that will make you happy, who gives a damn if they say that you’re a bit weird and old-school-person, ‘no you are just keeping your values and principle and when they don’t understand that -Ok, we are unique and we are the pilots of our lives to fly or crush and burn.

Again Happy birthday to me, I’m so damn happy even if that there are things that I don’t have but still I have things that others don’t have- like I have said Life is fair in an unfair way. That’s all I have to say and that’s all I got…

Take care and bless you…

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Feel free to comment – Spam it, rage it, troll it, just put it there… Are you Happy and Thankful?

  1. Hi there, always i used to check website posts here early in the
    dawn, since i like to learn more and more.

    • Cool, What time zone are you in..? I’m in GT+8

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