What is Discipline and Sheet!?

Discipline, Discipline hmmm, WHAT There are times when everything goes wrong and everything you planned and worked for are on the edge breakdown, you are losing your hopes and you are not aiming for the home-run anymore and The damn BIG-picture you are planting inside your head using THE-SECRET(the law of attraction) is not working- all you can do is Shout-silently-with-prostrations hahaha(Trolling)-true!. That’s why old-people (I mean wise-men) said Life is like a box of chocolates it is full of weird tasty-chocolates, when it surprises you it is so awesome that you will have an heart-attack and Smile-awkwardly for the awesome taste of prostrations that life has given to you. The-ZEN- The equivalent of ZERO, motivation = 0 and inspiration = 0,but still working even you’re in the zen, for the zero-mode of everything just doing on what your instinct want you to do, maybe that what we called discipline. Even you feel down and things gone to nothingness, you just push and move like a zombie going for the brains, doing what you feel is right and maybe the 10% out of it, can be the chance to defeat the plants and eat the Brain-that-you-are-dying-for(PLANTS VS ZOMBIES) ZOZOZOMBIES, doing what it feels right even your are empty handed –slowly.

Am ‘I sure what I ‘am talking about?, that would be hmm, Maybe; but not quite sure,  Disciplines doing what it feels right even if you are not sure that you could benefit from it but someday the “not sure”, would be “sure” a true benefitable-waste-of-time,  just keep pushing-It “THAT-THING”, till you feel exhausted and tired but still pushing, even if it feel’s like, hitting a target out of the abyss -(ha! hit a big word abyss-), When It feels like throwing 1000 stones but still miss the one target out of the dark-abyss but still throw and throw until you hit it. It’s just like what Tomas Edison said, “I have found 1000 ways of solving the problem but I only found 1 working”- The 999 ways to fail is like WEW, if I was in his position – I quit’ (I’m not sure if he said it, but it feels like he did, it’s what my instincts tell me, truth is when I upload my Stuff in myblog, I don’t edit it and were I’ am working recently- got a net-connection but all the sites are block-, got a net-connection but purely for work-process only, the truth is all the references I have written is like using my old-box-of-coconut-shell- which is pure BS(Bull-shit) writing what I heard from friends and writing from what I have read from slo-guns or books nor mags from the past; my rotten yet rusty-brain-of-mine, and maybe I’m writing the right quotes from the wrong person nor vise-versa-, so don’t be surprised if I write it wrongly and randoomedly— So my apologies in advance-).

There are lot of times when we feel a bit exhausted in a long-day-of-work even if we have a lack of sleep, lack of motivation to work or to do something that we need to do for the day but still, We have the natural instinct to wake-up earlier than birds to prepare breakfast, do a bit of stretching or work-out to prepare for be prepare what battles are we going to deal for the day, preparing everything for work, even we have no motivation to go-for-IT but still; we find it important, we feel the urge or the basic instinct that we MUST do it, or (Movie-Punch-Line) something out there is telling you even if we have lost some-battles but still this battle is need to be conquered and this battle is what we are made for; this is we’are and we are is this, the basic instinct that have been planted in our body; the basic Discipline that we are blindly unaware that  this organism is living inside of our souls. Maybe I ‘am wrong or not, but this is how I look at it, Disciplines not always in KUNG-FU-&-Shit, Surviving daily needs discipline, it doesn’t matter how strong or how weak your Disciplines, it is still counted as discipline; if we have no Discipline maybe we have killed our-selves from the beginning ” suicide is for the brave “, the strength of MUST-DO-IT and JUST-DO-IT. As I always said we have no choice and when it feels right we-JUST-DO-IT-, cause that the basic instinct of Discipline that have rooted inside of our conscience.  Just like I don’t wanted to write this Sheety-Topic, but I have no choice because it feels right to write even if my Engrish Is so bad, that Bear Grylls can’t eat it (I Love watching Bear Grylls show – Man VS Wild- The basic instinct of Discipline to survive). That’s all I got and All I can say, Take care and Bless you people… Motivation and Sheeet.

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