What is Identity? Identity What?! part ? -(to be continued maybe!)

who-is-awesomeIdentity, Identity, Identity… Hmmm how should I start this topic, what would I put in this topic, The truth is im barely clinging in one little idea that I have that is not even broad enough to fill the needs in order to justify this Topic, Identity is what I was thinking last night I have lots of Ideas on what to write and the irony is I forgot. The Truth is that I have quite few things to say but I would try to push my rusty brains of mine in order to write something right… I say,

Some say that we have different-identities that is enlisted and maybe engraved to our souls when we are still in our dads egg sack or what we bluntly know as “Dragon-Balls” -the little randoomed chances of nature to pick- what is the best character that would suite us, Randoomedly, haha… I kid, Hmm.. Before my sheet becomes randoomed; Identities is our character and our character resembles our identities. So let’s go back, Some say that our Identity is passed down from the genes nor DNA that we have inherited from our parents to ancestors; the little habits that we show that resembles them, the actions and decisions that we do in certain situations that will and have already happen in our lives, the way we look at things in our perspectives, the way we speak and move, the way we dressed and groomed, the way show ourselves to the public(with mask nor none), the dark-secrets that sometimes we found ourselves relatable to the even darker stories that we discover in our family tree, the things that we do and the habits that we have that sometimes our elderly relatives can compare that we sometimes resemble our great-great dead grand-Father/mother in a way. When our family tell stories about our clans and about how our family roots begin we  find in ourselves that sometimes we can say “Woo this old-gramps of mine is not so different than I’am”, true. We sometimes compare ourselves through characteristics and behavior on, what our relatives will tell us like; “You are crazy like your —–“, “you are dumb like your —–“, “you will go  to mental hospital like your —-“, “you are a suicide  little f*ckr like your great —-” and “you are a very handsome awkward like your —–“, in this situations we cannot deny the fact that we sometimes get hurt and sometimes deprive ourselves and Comparing ourselves to others is what we hate the most, it is damn true. We cannot deny the fact that sometimes we agree on what they were telling us and this is bad, we sometimes feel more aggressive; the urge of being a rebel more, true. Our ego is the most preciouses thing we have and sometimes too much ego and pride is bad but it is a fact that we are a person of ego and pride we cannot just put it aside like a side-dish, it is what make us whole the stupid ego and pride that we have- the only little treasure that we held dear…

Maybe the Identity that we have is not so original than what it looks like, people say we are unique and I totally agree with-it everyone is unique and we are so different than others, maybe we are not so original and we are just following what have been engraved to our roots to be what we supposed to be; be good nor evil–, maybe I’m wrong nor right, who cares we are the pilots of our body and the engineers of our lives; we create and destroy. We- maybe not so different from others nor to our great what so ever!… who gives a damn… at-least we are still alive and still alive we are. We are at the beginning of the end (Weird!). That’s all I can say and that’s all I have…

Take care And Bless You….

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