How to fall-in-love and Let it go

wewGood-day me-friends or what-ever duh…. Have a blessed day ahead of you, Bless us always so here I start again… Welcome to the pack and this is Madness I said.

I was unable to update my JUSTRANDOOMED-SHEET AND HAVE not even made 1-draft for almost 3-months I think, I don’t know. Maybe my workstation was different before and now I can do drafts and make randoomed topics if I wanted to and I’m changing many fast-tract Doe’s and bit busy following up some little papers of mine for the future they said (Wish-me-luck; Maybe this plan was a gamble not a mistake, I just go push my luck and look what does my rusty-brains of mine could do in that particular situation and it would be the first-time for me “Wish me luck again”), thinking a lot lately and bit drowning in sweat lately, maybe it is time for me to  be serious. A plan without effort is still plan, I know I’m serious bout-change but the thing is I don’t have the will or maybe I’m still waiting for a tragedy that would struck my grounds that would open my mind, but shiiit why do I need to wait for tragedy when I can make better without struggle and they said life is like a chess we need to make a move two steps ahead so if every plan-A fails there’s plan-B if plan-B fails there’s plan-C and so on and on, but Am ‘I a good planner maybe yes or maybe no, maybe I just need to let go and loosen my grips in things, so mu plans won’t disappointed me, there is next-time maybe and sometimes-next-time is like a big No no chance.

What did happen “In love? and Let it go? what?”.

Note: Sorry I’m not really good at narrating stories.

It’s been so long since I’ve felt this feeling, I felt like a child a teenage lover boy, a Brocken hearted yet I’m so grateful to experience it again and I felt assured that I’m not that numb, I felt exited and felt like a man who become so stupid and awkwardly in-love yet kina bad-in-away, I did not expect more things when I tried to break the barriers of restricted area of the Pretty-Lady who is what so called engaged  and The little Devil’s in my heart want to break-free and want to gain something more or ruined the perfect-match even if I know it is wrong it felt so good and it feels right when I tried my best to show how I feel and how sincere I ‘am “DAMN- GIRL chulolot”.

Here it is, I was so shocked and realized “that damn dude why did you fell”, it is not in the plan, it is not indeed in the plan, I can’t not call it is a date maybe it was a date, two normal  people going out me and her, just 1 on 1, going to cinema, eating outside walking, just little sweet conversations of a friend, a sincere talk, it was a lovely and polite conversation with her, with lots of laughs and moments I call which indeed sweet and romantic. At first I can’t even find her attractive she’s pretty and Hot; true, She was indeed hot if you know what I mean, that pretty-princess- is very awesome-and-cool(I’ve never meet a girl who is sincere, awesome, lovely and innocent in away), a friendly get-away become a routine, phone calls become common till midnight a random talk(sweet talks, tease, songs we sang, lalabyes, a sweet goodnight), which today I miss- a Demonic princess in a flesh- who stole my heart and put me in the mids of excitement and freaky situation which was now is long-gone and moved-on.. Maybe will meet again somewhere down the road someday- who knows when, they moved just a few few few pew weeks ago then I decided to make this randoomed I don’t know what to call “Let go thing”, I was so thankful that the we meet, that we were in-loved with control(Damn, we both did fall but we better choose to let it go and be happy for the common-good- Hit by FRIENDZONE, She was engage and I think its reasonable that she won’t gamble the years-of-years of relationship to a person like me who is randoomedly-I-Don’t-Know).

I Was surprise!

I did-not expect that it would be like that, a friendly conversation will turn into little sweet sensations and sheet its getting sweeter every-time, a friendly date would turn into a visions of something more, Aren’t you that foolish Mr. Hearty; to think that she would choose you over-him hahah; freaking corny and disgusting. The thing is why did I confess even if I know that it is A-Big-No-No-win-war simple, because I can’t pretend to be just a friend and maybe I thinking we were meant to be, the results are predictable but surprisingly I’m no loser she was caught in my traps and did fall. Still When I look at her in her eyes, I can feel the sparks and Rush of blood- the blush. I loved her and I know it was very awesome experience to truly fall-in-love again; I think. Its been long long… time since the last one that I can call In-love not love its called “IN-Loved”, the unexplainable feeling, one text and your zoom I’m cooming hahaha freaky, be awake for her till she felt sleepy when she wanted to talk, make her feel awesome even you become a joke sometimes, the stolen moments which is worth-it, the cute sweet quarrels and sweet fights which is worth it… Is it worth it? Yes very worth it- love nor fate is not always in our-side but the experience is a treasure even it hurts sometimes to think I lose a Losing war  but damn I was indeed happy very happy for the priceless moments that would be a life’s gift for me to realized that life-so-sweet.

So what are you waiting for join the pack of bitterness’ I kid, Go out there be in-loved find someone, don’t be afraid to be rejected, love is life and pain is sweet it is life’s spices so who gives a damn- go out tell someone how you feel it’s worth the gamble, the answer would be “NO” if you won’t ask. Maybe she or he likes you- a bit shy, tell her/him and everything will just flow like a rivers runs through it….

That’s All I have to say and that’s all I got and the truth is I won’t put all in it… This is so cheesy like pizza jokes it’s so cheezyyyyy…

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Feel free to comment…. troll it, spam it, rage it, trash it, roll it, pass it….




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