Hmm… Thinking maybe I’ll add something More.(quick Post)

Hmm… It was a long trip going to the airport to the my destination manila… I taken pictures When I was on the plane and videos to and Woo it was nice but something is missing, I don’t know I miss sitting in my desk and wait for client’s to ask me info’s and talk to people I used to or maybe I don’t no, I feel a bit excited to go trip around here maybe….

I filled a vacation leave for 2 days and I would be absent for work for 1 day so 3 days vacation and Sunday I would be back to my area were I work and push my back to feed myself and my family and something more… I haven’t signed the new contract for my job yet but I have my contact for another 6 month’s and it is still hiding around my desk I will pass it or maybe not but I will pass it or maybe not… But I’m still active with my job…

The suckie thing is that Today 14 and its a surprise early cut-off of the signing of the dtrs from the admin even if we have Biometric-systeme for our attendance and it supposed to be 21 and damn it’s  14 ta damn… My Team-Lead said to me bad news for you the next payroll for the 30th day of this month would be next 15th of the next month September and that would be a 1 month full but it sounds crazy I need food, water, lodging, etc and I have no choice but to smile and let it be, I need to debit again with 10% interest to survive for a month and its sucks- really sucks… what will you do with 133.USD a month budget it.. and I have no idea I will just think it maybe later, no time to worry because I have no choice, as I always say “Worry not my friend, You have No choice but to keep BREATHING F*cking Breath”… think positive….

WOoooo…. My mom and future dad will gonna get married hope so everything will be go as they planned to the papers and everything wish them luck and a happy life ahead of them…

then Were was I, Maybe I will add randoomed-Poem’s even if I’m NO poet and I don’t know much about rhyming words, add pictures to this blog that I draw in my desk when I’m bored Maybe I will scan them and add another section here.. maybe…

I was looking for a sponsor who need some-one to be my boss Honestly a sideline would be fair… I know a SEO- let talk about it…

What about now its night time and dang… I need to go the the apartment were I was staying to day, Tomorrow is another day and Bless us.. many badnews have come to my email and text that this and that and some have died and It let me cried ( suicide is for the brave T_T, sad but I can’t do none…

That’s all I got and All I have to say bless you….

Like and Share,, maybe subscribe or something what-ever…

Feel free to comment, Lets talk about something, rage it, spam it…

    • Yes, I really love it… I Love when my head wonder around… just put it in words that I think is right…. Thanks

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