Job Hunting (Crazy Trip”Nothing Better to do)

005Ok, Hmm… Lets talk about randoomed Topics again, I just remembered my Crazy-trip last time, I was very bored that (Aug-2-13) Friday-noon wanted to get out of the workstation ‘coz its TGIF, I turned-on my-hone- clicked- radio randomedly tunning it, then boom I heard there will be a Job-fare this Friday to Saturday “I think”. The company is searching for 200-employee’s and the first 100 applicants(a day) will have a free-Big-ass-burger and I was excited a little and thinking  “Maybe I would join the job-fare- I ‘am bored, I would only need to print my resume, I have nothing better to do this Saturday, I can have a free-Big-Ass-burger-and-fries; that would be a good deal though and A rush of excitement run through my head; an idea came to my mind that it would be fun and a pleasant experience, it should be; I hope so. I was fooling myself again no one knows me, I ‘am still new in this town this febuary-2014 it would and must be my 1-year anniversary; not sure haha, nothing to lose- I have a job, so the goal is to apply for the -free-Big-ass-burger And Secretly the gain of Experience; How shameful of you mr.Randoomed; I told myself haha. I need to pass the interview and the exams to test- myself. I need to know the meter of my confidence and how thick-is-my-crooked-crocodile-smile to persuade the panel of Interviewers.  I’am qualified as I tell myself, even if my co-applicant’s finish their studies in a BS-Forms(Bachelor-of-wot)  and some finish their studies at Well-know-universities and schools with matching Awesome grades and it scares allot of me( the feeling of insecurity that I have and I should not careless but, but no!!). I’m just another underdog who has nothing better to do this Saturday (Even if it was just a trip, still it is a big-deal for me “To pass and to be qualified; To know I can still compete the survival of the fittest”, to test myself, to leap  on challenges that doesn’t count, I’am well aware that someday or maybe tomorrow I will lose my job and start-over again, being ready for the future is not my-deal though; true, I haven’t saved money even a cent; true. It scares me to start-over again).

How did I prepare for the attack (The interview)? Just attack with-out-any-back-up plans. If they said hey Mr.Randoomed, Sorry you’re so dumb- better luck next-time- that would be a wow a pitty of me. (Disclaimer: I don’t know where to start- bare-with-me).

As far as I can remember it was 9pm-friday-night I was renting in the Internet-Cafe, reading my Manga(Jap-comics)-update and after that I was playing dota2 (playing dota2- reading- watching-YouTube-videos; I call them little-pleasures), when I realized it was 11pm+ damn; I need to apply for a job tomorrow so I browse my email and look-at-my-save-drafts download my old resume and application letter; my application letter is what I call Generic, no address, no to whom just “me” in it applying for a job; it says inside; hello and hey sir/ma’am I heared your company is now vacant for a certain random position, I’m here randoomedly applying for any random position that will fit my qualifications, very confident and can easily be tamed and trained like a cute-crocodile, with generic quotes like call me and let’s talk bla bla bla…. The hard part was the RESUME, haven’t been edited for a while so i raped the keyboard pushing the bottom’s then making the fonts smaller so every-detail that I have done for the past years can fit in one page double column that always works font’ hmm 8.5 or 9.5 the font’s a bit small and informal (I don’t mind the proper standards is at-least it is readable and neat). So Everything is ready, Resume-check, Application-check; so let’s ask the cashier if I can print my papers and luckily there out of long-bond-paper and damn-why!, so I decided to go out and find a store which is still open so I walk-with-haste and luckily I saw a small-store(Sari-sari-store) is going to close, then I ran to it, swift- Like flash rushing to the finish-line, catching my breath-like-a-dog. Then the owner-of-the-store notice me and I said to the owner “Sir is it possible that I would purchase 4pcs of Long-Bond-paper and 1 pcs of sliding folder?” and he said to me, “OH ‘Dear no problem just wait a minute”, then Ta-daaah- he gave me what I needed and I go back to the Internet-shop and printed my-papers and zoom, then I walked home, the owner of the store where I bought the papers noticed me and called me with a loud voice, “Ei Mr.Randoomed were you going?” and I replied “Home why?” and he to me “Lets have a drink- a cold beer you want?” and it was 12am and I was a bit exhausted by reading Manga-and doing-Random-things, playing dota2 and stuff but who would turn down a cold-beer so I said to him “OH-man sorry, were is the other bottle of beer and we laugh” so we drink till 2 am, we talk random things like drunk guys do, pains, stupidity, past, experience and I told him that I was planning to apply for another job- just for the burger and he said “you are a crazy dude and good-luck if you’re serious with it”. So I went home a bit drowsy and dizzy the world is turning around because of the extra-strong-beer “Red Horse” Feels like my head and tummy is on war in different sides, damn. After a minute lying in my bed I feel asleep. Zzzzzz…..

I woke-up in the morning 9a.m. My alarm should woke me up on 6a.m+ but I was intoxicated and damn a rush came to my body a bit tired and dizzy but I need force myself; it is a late-late morning to start applying for a job un-ethical. I was in a hurry drink my coffee and swallowed 2 pcs of bread with peanut butter jelly on it, take a bath and zoom I’am ready. I look at myself in the mirror and said “what a beautiful monster you are and I smile in an evil way and send my positive thoughts to the universe that I will pass. Brain-washing yourself is what I call self-motivation in my opinion. I’am ready, papers-check, good-looks-check, Smell-good-check, crocked-crocodile-smile-check, Me-myself-and-I-checked; everything is ready? yes. So I’am ready, the weather is very nice, the wind blows sweetly, the sun is a bit shy today maybe its my day, a little walk to the jeep-stop, waiting a little, then a jeep came I went inside jeep then a minute later the sky-roared-and-cried and a heavy-rain-poured from the skies, I was a-little-lot disappointed with the weather I thought it was my day but no it is not; you wish mr.randoomed. I’m getting wet inside the Vehicle why? Jeeps don’t have windows to protect you from rain but they have cellophane to lessen the trouble you are in, I was soaking wet. The  Freezing-cold feeling while protecting my Papers inside my shirt and my back and pants is a bit soaked to but it becomes more colder when I enter the venue were the Job-fare were held is surprisingly not Air-conditioned. Lots of unemployed people was waiting in lane as I can remember roughly 25+ was on the line for the interview and it was still early for me; 10am that time and now I’am one of them waiting to be called and I told myself act normal, you want to smoke? No you can’t you will smell like sheeeet just bare with it for a while a little sacrifice is needed to achieve our goals (First-impressions-last)- the burger and to be qualified here is what we are aiming right; I tell myself, have some cherry-mint-candies to freshen-up. I was waiting to be called, I can feel the pressure and the nervousness of the applicants and I think it would be normal but I have carried my 99.9% confidence fooling myself in the morning works. It was boring to sit around and wait to be called. I have taken my headset on, turned the volume up and still I feel bored. I look around and found an interesting creature a wild pokemon appeared then I sit next to her and offer here some candies and talk a-little-a-lot bla bla bla then I was called, And I told myself this is it, the final countdown- interview goes; interviews like, why did you apply in this company and I said because I need a job and I heard your pay is good,  tell me about yourself so I open-up a little- little lie’s came out in my mouth just little what we called white-lie’s it helps a lot, specially you make the interviewer smile when you are talking. Then normal conversation from an interviewer to an applicant… then the interview is done, she stand-up and I stand and I gave a formal-handshake-with-a-firm-grip-with-an-eye-contact-with-a-warm-thank-you-with-crocodile-smile to end the interview. So the Initial interview was done, Stage-cleared and I think I did my best to impress her, So I waited again for the next stage. My co-applicant’s ask me what did they ask and how did it go; and I said it was good and I told them the question’s that the interviewer ask and we talk; changing opinions and some regrets like; I should answer it like this and like that… I’m thinking why do interviewers Always ask Why did you apply in this company? Isn’t it obvious I’m poor and I need help, just kidding maybe its a good start for a conversation if you were an interviewer.

Then they called 4 persons at a time to take the exam, So I wasn’t part of the first or second batch for the examination I think… so I wait and they called my name Mr.Randoomed and some random guy and a lady went inside the room to take the exam; just the Three of us. So I look at them and said “Good-luck-to-us” with a smile. As far as I remember the examination parts was like this or not, So we are taking the exam (Multiple-choices). Part-one-was-English-grammar(Easy-and-I-smiled), Part-two-was-Reading-Comprehension(Easy), Part-three-was-Logic(Partly-easy-partly-not), Part-four-was-Math(Damn-I-hate-math) I look at the problems, like whats happening but I tried my best; I think I passed; I think. Lastly Part-Five-was-Essay-&-Judgment(Easy-round). Less-than-an-hour we were done answering the questioners. I waited again, for few minutes and someone called me for the Final Interview.

Final Interview: is a Good sign that I did pass the other rounds and I’am quite qualified for them (I have achieved my goals). The manager was cool and His aura-was pleasant. He started the interview and we were talking and sometimes personal questions. He asked me how much do I expect and I told him this and that and Why are you motivated to work and I told him for the Future-sake of Man-kind ‘I kid, I told him for my future and I need to work to eat and for my needs; that’s what I told him and He smiled. That would be a good sign again. When It ended; I gave Him a Warm-hand-shake-with-a-smile-and-a-thank-you and He said to me wait outside and He will call us all to know who passed or not. Then he gave me my ticket (My-Price) for the burger so it was a “YES- Mwahahaha Free-Meal haha Nothing-Beats-free”. So It was 2pm I was starving and they called us; I think we were 50+ or less, The manager said Some of you will go home and Some of you will stay; I know you are all hungry and bit exhausted I will make this short I will call the one who passed and the rest will go home; sadly, but apply again- there are always next-time-good-luck- to our journeys that what he said -(I’m not quite sure how he said it but I’m very sure that, I’m starving). Then the manager called one of his underlings; His minions I mean to get all the application letter; then He Called everyone by names with comments on the interview and the exam then finally he called my name I was surprised that I have a good +Plus on the interview and I told myself (“Good-Job-Dog” haha I was smiling crookedly inside). Sadly 16 applicants did failed.

The interview and the exam? It’s a little-lot easily-hard and starving game, I have no Idea why I made it. I was happy for myself but a bit sad for the ones who failed to get the opportunity they wanted. I know how that  to be rejected and going home disappointed; I know it is a sacrifice waiting in line to be called for an interview Forcing the rusty brains to obey your command. Faking the smile to look a little cool and less tense but at-least look at the bright-side Free-big-ass-burger-fries-and-drinks, right? and also the experience(The little Lessons of life); experience cannot be bought but can only be gained . Maybe I’am an Optimistically-Abusive in a good-way(Look at the bright-side). The Manager have a long-speech how he became like this and that; the struggles he made till he became the manager it was very pleasant speech and inspiring it is, true. Stories of struggles are very inspiring if you can hear he had succeeded but depressing to the ones who struggled and Failed horribly. After the long speech he invited us all who pass to comeback 7pm to have dinner and to have an introduction and what kind  of job we will be assign to and what kind of company we will be working with…

Something strikes my-Head, in doubt, Conscious or unconsciously I’m telling myself I should not go back and My-Ego is moving crazy again, thoughts like “you’re a very shameful man; you’re just applying for the Free-ass-Burger and you know you can afford it but why did you do that”. I felt confused, my conscience is bugging me and I feel so horribly-reliable from the things that I have done Today, It looks and feels wrong ‘coz; The interviewer and some company personnel have done their best and invested their time and effort plus money for the Job-fare/caravan to be polished done, to be in order; to give career opportunities to the people who are in the midst of struggle in life to escape the unemployment-Party and Here I’am wasting their time because I’am bored and nothing better to do; but in the other hand it looks ok; no one knows me I don’t know them; I hope I won’t be on the black-list in there company. Maybe I will apply again purely for employment ‘coz I’m well aware that sooner-or-later I will join the unemployed-party; sign.

Maybe I’m just another bored A-Hole nothing better to do that time but the experience was worth-it, knowing new-people-with-different-persona’s, the pretentious, the awkward, the sousy, the shy, the boss, the tripper, the bored, the hungry, the fighter and The Kill-joy-serious.  It was fun joining the Job-caravan and My plan and goal was achieved “Free-big-ass-burger-and-fries dude come on!” hahah (Damn I’am qualified and Still can compete the battles of Job-hunting)…  that all I have to say and that’s all I got, bare-with-my-narration- so twisted and plot-less…

Take care and Bless you..

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