Conquer your fear and Whaaat!!?(Quicky)

How should I start this randoomed topic again, hmm… fear fear fear fear’. Fear is fear just fear; I don’t know how to describe fear but fear is somewhat we are so afraid that we feel that this can be life threatening or worst; that is the product of our imagination. When you think about it, fear is only in the head; true. In any books are any psychological aspects they always say that the Brain is the one who stimulate or exaggerates the ideas of fear inside our mind and imagination. Even if it is only a cat that is lurking in the darkness, just scratching-around the bushes but our extreme-exaggerated-imagery-of-things would make us believe that it is some-kind of a monster or what worst than a monster is a supernatural-being in a paranormal-movie that I or we feared most. Sometimes we are just fooling ourselves in things that we make ourselvesĀ  believe that this do exist and even-worst is our imaginations is making us fear what is unseen and unknown; maybe its true that we should fear what is supernatural- which is super and unnatural to our world that we can’t understand that are they true or maybe not; but I believe that there are to much mysteries in this world that myths can be true nor not. The What is what?.

What do you fear most?

Hmm… Most people have a fear of insects; specially spiders, snakes, heights, travelling through air nor sea, some are afraid of paranormal things, needles and more…

I think most of us has a fear on certain things because maybe, maybe; I’m not sure, when we are still a youngster our Elders is planting thoughts nor ideas in our innocent mind that we should be afraid of this and that for example;.

We fear spiders maybe because of our past-experienced with it. Maybe in the past your Brother nor cousins or parents traumatized you with spiders when you were young, when we fall asleep, they will wake us up with fake-freaky-spiders and sooner or later we get used to fake one’s they will now use the real ones. So, what will happen our body will get used to being afraid and also our mind will be like somewhat normal to us that spiders are like Scary-as-F*ck and our mind and body will have a defense mechanism and our survival instinct will make ourselves react automatically that we may scream, run hysterically like damn; true. I have seen many who are very afraid of spiders because of the past-experienced with them.

I think this would be out of topic but I will share i ( a tradition ). Here in my hometown we have a tradition every June-July we will have a spider-season (Battle-Royal), from kids to adults who will join the event, by having their own spiders to play which can be called a gladiator game (the arena is a thin stick which spiders can grip-on and have a pleasant equal fight); spider fight to the death; kids play it for fun but adults play it with bets; usually each spiders will play 3 rounds and the rules usually what the players decide and how the winner will be and how many spider-gladiator-will-participate. I do remember still and this year I have joined the event it was fun just watching at spider beating-up-each-other-to-death (spider-rules: eat or be eaten). How did we get the spiders, Commonly we buy spiders from spider-vendors(seasonal vendors). Sometimes we will get our own spiders by ourselves by going in the wilderness at night-time 6pm usually spiders will go out and make there web-trap to catch preys, we can easily detect them by using flashlight of course we cannot see in the dark and bringing small-boxes with divisions in it in order to separate one spiderĀ  to the other so that they won’t eat each other, spiders are territorial; i think. The exciting part about hunting spiders in the wilderness is snakes, weird insects, birds were sleeping which you can catch bare-hands, sometimes our Fearful-awful-wierd imagination will go out of the tracts, which we imagine that we felt something paranormal or supernatural and we just run for our lives. When our spider-containers are full we go home and segregate, weak-spiders from the strong-ones (Weak-is-to-food and strong-is-to-money). How to train your spider: When we train our spiders, we just let them starve for a week and let them drink water a little. Then let them out for a fight, when a spider is hungry they will kill and eat anything in sight.

I Feared the most are The-unknown like Ghost and demons why? ‘cos when you look at movies damn they can’t be killed they just passed through walls and even go to your dreams and eat you there in Horror and also they won’t kill you, they will just scared the sheeet out of you till be mentally disabled. We cannot escape them they are everywhere. Sometimes I challenge myself to watch Horror-films by alone in order to get used to them and to conquer my fear sheet it scared me a-little-a-lot, when the surrounding will go with what is happening inside the movie, like when you realized you’re scared and you’re scaring-yourself-evermore and some freaking dogs howling in the middle of the night and when the cats will walk in the rooftop. Till now I still do feared them but not like when I was still a youngster. I think my-fear-for-the-unknown started, when my grandparents will put-up ideas in my head that if I do awful things, bad-spirits will haunt-me and visit my dreams nor punish me, and also they enjoy scaring a-lot-out-of-me and when I will get scared they will say don’t be afraid ‘coz they can smell-fear and they will enjoy haunting you more if you fear them, damn.

Maybe, the reasons why we are afraid of something because Fear was planted in our inocsent minds when we are still a youngster, unknowingly when we grow-older the fear becomes common and a norm that our-mind-automatically makes things more worst when we think of it. In situation even small-things and harmless in a way become life-threatening in our imagery-in-the-future-outcome, Our mind is the pilot of our body that’s why we feel more afraid when we think more, And To conquer our fear is to get used to it and be more brave facing it, little by little we conquer it. Just like cutting down a tree with an axe we cannot chop it down with one strike but continues effort will do, slowly; sooner or later the tree will fall down just like fear (It wont’ disappear but at-least it will be lessen). Talking randoomedly nonsense again. That’s all I have fear the fear and Get used to it someday. That’s all I have and that’s all I can say.

Take care and bless us

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