Job Hunting ha?

Hmm… I’m bored, staying doing nothing like what we do now sheet;. If you wanted to be independent-in-a-way and have Money to spend for your own-good-sake. Having a career is needed to prove ourselves in the eyes of our family to show that we are not a bum-ass-lazy-potato. It’s a redemption for ourselves; in events when they will nag at us that we are useless slug that that the only thing we do is to sit all day playing-game, doing internet-stuff all day, leveling our characters in game, getting drunk all-night and asking money for things. Honestly!, I hate doing things and I keep my self-busy-doing-none. Even doing the dishes is hard, especially doing laundry; I hate doing laundry. I don’t like to do work; even if I have no money to buy my stuff, I just ask and beg (Like a beggar and Nag and say-pitiful-things if they won’t grant my wish like; Someday I will prove myself someday with an Dramatic-Oscar-winning-film).  So tell me why do we need to get a Job? for redemption (When we tell them that we will prove them wrong someday and maybe that would be today), for others, or for ourselves; whatever your reason is Having a Job is fun and it depends what kind of work-field you are into and what kind of people you’re handling and what kind of Boss you have. I can’t brag much, I don’t have much of experience in work and in different companies due to my age but I can say that If you have a Good-pleasant environment working in and a Kick-ass-boss that can motivate you to work harder with-pleasure in pressure; that would be a good company to grow with.

Today millions and of millions of people are Job-less and being jobless is hard and a great struggle I tell you; specially when you are living in a poor-corrupted-country. When everything is  less-opportunity, less-salary and everything you feel is less; I hate to think that the hardest and dirtiest jobs-have-the-lowest-of-the-less-rate; sad to say its true. Here the lower the Job-opportunity the greater the Job-seekers are. I still do remember when I have my first Job-hunting experienced it was a bit depriving dull in a sense that they won’t accept you because you are lacking of experience; what-the-F*** are they crazy that’s why I apply for a Job in there company to gain experience. Depriving in a sense that I was an undergrad with less chances to be hired when your opponents are two-step ahead of you; even if you know you have the guts and the looks specially the brains they said (Feelers). Job hunting is a battle-royal the quitter loses and the winner never-backs-down; the a test of the so called DETERMINATION, the challenge of the so called CHANCES, the test of the MINDSET to never stop wasting time and money when sending your resume and application on a very neatly-clean-folder, even if the chances are will they acknowledge the application or they just put it in the trash.

The Chances are unknown it’s a like throwing stones in the abyss when you don’t know where the target is just keep throwing, until in time you will hit the unknown target. Sometimes the unexpected target will be the best ones or the shyeet ones.

When the Unknown-target is hit then they would call you for an interview /Slash/ interrogation and you must set-up your self for the battle; be motivated and brainwash yourself that you were the best and think positively, you have nothing to lose. It’s ok that you don’t know much bout the company sooner or later you would know when they will hire you for a job. Just be honest in time and do white-lies in  time; lies do help just keep in mind that the lies that you have said is something you could do and something you know; don’t do lies which is impossible to achieved with your level. Be Honest do lie in time and don’t overdo it; act natural be yourself.

Share: My first interview was quite embarrassing and I can still clearly-recall how did it go, I was so stupid when the interview have gone something to Bloopers. I didn’t act natural and I over-do it. After the interview I’m very sure that I have already wasted the chance so; be yourself act natural and don’t over impressed them they are like you; human, communicate like normal Human do. Do your best. Lie in time.


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