The 3 El’s Lust, Lies, Love

002Wew, How are you doing? It’s been so long since I have last open and Updated this randoomed-side of mine… Sorry for the long Introduction I’am doing this in-order to figure-out what would be inside the 3 EL’s; The truth is I was planning to write something about this topic and The truth is I don’t know where I got this title maybe I was bored that time or just-another-randoomed-voices-in-my-head, I couldn’t figure out truly what it is…. Maybe something happened again which was unexpectedly crazy that made-up my mind to write something about the 3 El’s; unexpected in an expected way. Damn it— I know my writing is not that good and my point-of-view sometimes subjective. Maybe I’m writing this because I wanted to let things out from my head…

This thing struck me when I realized that sometimes “3 EL’s” go together, it is ok if you won’t agree with-it but that’s what I have observe lately, I f*ckin hate-it. I can’t believe that Lust could turn to something more and some Lies would turn to something different and some-Love we have lost would turn into another Form. How could I start and end this random-topic again, this would be confusing so bare-with-me…

The 3 El’s Lust, Lies, Love!


-Unexpectedly Lust could turn to something more; the feeling of sportsmanship when doing-that-thingii at first ok were cool, shake it off then move and do it again and OK were cool and the routine goes; somewhat like that and to the point you wanted more of her; I wanted more of it, to the point you don’t wanted to let go…. Maybe we are bored, I have been broken lately (In the midst of recovery); I wanted to forget-I wanted to enjoy. She was broken in-time-I don’t know when and we are old friends. Quick-friendly-dates like usual; dinner-cinema, text- just another-friendly-dates… In-time it was unexpected in a very expected way, It was unplanned at all, It is not planned as if, for many friendly dates we are been doing nothing special just like friends do–. I don’t know what happened; we were texting and she decided that she would bring movies in my apartment and just watching after 2 movies, I wanted to try something in my freaking-Man-Whore-Mode which was quite natural but it was not planned ok! and boom you know what happened next, we did it, wtf… The routine become normal. To ease the stinging-feeling in my heart that I wanted to erase or maybe for her too. I just wanted to forget the horrible yet unforgettable break-even break-ups and stuff…

-The Lies that we are into, the lies that we love to show that we are ok and we are happy and we are in-love but we are not, the lies that we tell ourselves that we don’t feel the pain anymore but every night we fall to sleep, we feel the uneasiness, the lost that we had is unbearably; fucked but sheet “What does not kill us F*ck us up mentally!”; true… The Sometimes Lies do help to spices up the dead-feelings and sometimes Lies do make things worse when they were caught-up-naked with-out  any reasonable reasons defend it, in short your DoomedLies can help but Sometimes-Lies make every-little-thing worst when the reason you Lied was now floating out there on the abyss; you wanted to continue the Lies yet you find it empty and stupid to continue doing the things that would only break you more in the head.

-at last, The Last EL’s; The Love, that freaks the world, that cannot be erase. Just the word-of-unexplained-feeling that most of us wanted and I want it and I want more of it but —–. I’m very lucky on that Damn-it!! oi!!… To make it to a finale I think Sometimes that Lust can turned to Lies, that Lies must not be Love and Love turns to something unsure… The Awesome-Damn part again is that I think and feel that she was slowly drifting away from me after that long routine of Lusters and Fun. She decided or she hit her head somewhere that this must not continue the Friends-with-benefits thingiii… Maybe it’s just LUST-sports but I find it uneasy for me, even I have lost my hardcore-appetite, and even in my dreams I can feel her hands holding mine FUUUUCCCCCKKK!!!(SCREAM)! SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!…. I want that but shit I need to be away from a relationshit for a while… I need time for myself and enjoy the solitude, Why does Bored-Ones-Find-Bored-Ones maybe its true “Birds with the same feather Flock Flock Flock Together”.

It’s been so long… That’s all I’ve got and All I can say from the 3 EL’s…OMG…

Thank God I don’t use my real picture damn it…

Take care and Bless you

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