002Wew, How are you doing? It’s been so long since I have last open and Updated this randoomed-side of mine… Read More


I have just started posting my own Drawing, haha kinda ugly though sorry, I draw when I get bored in the office when I have no clients and sometimes when I get tired reading… Or I just stuck… How are you doing me friends, How is your week..?

Me’ I’m planning to finish my studies while working (Work at day, School at night- ; Go for Bachelor-Degree haha) , I think that would be hard but they always say “No pain no Gain!” right?! .. So Next month I will go to school again, Good luck to me.. Hahaha.. 

Hmm… It was a long trip going to the airport to the my destination manila… I taken pictures When I was on the plane and videos to and Woo it was nice but something is missing, I don’t know I miss sitting in my desk and wait for client’s to ask me info’s and talk to people I used to or maybe I don’t no, I feel a bit excited to go trip around here maybe….

I filled a vacation Read More

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