005Ok, Hmm… Lets talk about randoomed Topics again, I just remembered my Crazy-trip last time, I was very bored that (Aug-2-13) Friday-noon wanted to get out of Read More


Hmm… It was a long trip going to the airport to the my destination manila… I taken pictures When I was on the plane and videos to and Woo it was nice but something is missing, I don’t know I miss sitting in my desk and wait for client’s to ask me info’s and talk to people I used to or maybe I don’t no, I feel a bit excited to go trip around here maybe….

I filled a vacation Read More

who-is-awesomeIdentity, Identity, Identity… Hmmm how should I start this topic, what would I put in this topic, The truth is im barely clinging in one little idea that I have that is not even broad enough to fill the needs in order to justify this Topic, Identity is what I was thinking last night I have lots of Ideas on what to write and the irony is I forgot. The Truth is that I have quite few things to say but I would try to push my rusty brains of mine in order to write something right… I say, Read More

Me still breathing- Breathing Breathing and Still breathing?

Breathing is essential for being Alive come on.. Breathing Man! 

Hahahh Take care…


Been long since last post— Working hard yet its cool breathing breathing let your blood flow breath…


Take care….

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